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These orders stem from both criminal charges can stem from both criminal charges in civil cases. It involves the courts determining that an individual is legally prohibited from approaching either a particular person, group of people and/or location/business establishment. They may be pre-trial or part of a final judgment. They may be temporary or permanent

In our opinion the most harmful effects of a restraining order are vulnerability and the inability to heal familial problems early.

An individual with a restraining order against another person may become arrested if found to be within 500 feet of that individual. This order may not be relinquished by the individuals themselves. A domestic couple that may want to settle past differences will not be allowed to until a judge removes the restraining order. Restraining orders can be weapons used to gain an edge in a criminal proceeding, such as divorce proceedings, custody hearings. We understand the importance of giving individuals time to cool off before more potential harm will ensue.