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Tons of thousands of people are driving around Florida on a suspended Driver’s License. The active knowingly driving on a suspended License is in and of itself a crime. Any individual found guilty of knowingly driving on a Suspended Driver’s License three (3) times within a 5-year period will become HABITUALIZED (they will lose their Driver’s License for 5 years).

Conceivably an individual can be an excellent driver, have a single infraction and due to negligence/irresponsibility wind up with criminal charges and/or a 5-year revocation of their Driver’s License. The Criminal Defense Center, P.A. has met with so many people that specifically told them that there was nothing they could do except perhaps wait one year, without any driving, and then apply for a Hardship License. They are shocked to hear that there are options to get their Driving Privileges reinstated reasonably quickly. The process, while seemingly simple and orderly can be somewhat nightmarish but works like this:

  1. An in-depth analysis by a qualified Attorney for a complete driving record of a potential client.

  2. Making a determination as to which cases are causing the defendant’s license to be habitualized.

  3. Taking those cases and deciphering who was there judge? Who is now the Judge in that division? Who is the court reporter in that division? Who is the State Attorney assigned to that division? Is the court file in the computer or is it a paper file?

  4. Has it been destroyed? What paperwork is part of the file i.e. Was there a waiver of rights? Was there a Plea in Absentia?

  5. Meeting with the Court Reporter(s)

  6. Transcribe all court conversation from the date the case was being heard

  7. Ensuring that there was a proper plea colloquy, ensuring that the individual was warned of the consequences of taking such a plea; including, but not limited to:

the 5-year revocation of his/her Driving Privilege, whether or not there was an Attorney assisting the Defendant, whether or not the Attorney was ensured that a low threshold of due process was reached (defendants are not guaranteed perfect trials or representation… only legally sufficient).

While the process is lengthy and sometimes tedious, we have been extremely successful in restoring the driving privileges of many. As you can imagine this is not an inexpensive task but the ability to legally drive an otherwise provide for your family… priceless.

Reliable suspended license representation

If you’ve been arrested in Miami-Dade County or throughout Florida for driving with a suspended license (DWLS), with or without your knowledge, The Criminal Defense Center PA, a locally owned and operated firm, will work hard to get your suspension overturned.

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Support for habitual traffic offenders

HTO (habitual traffic offenders) charge is a third-degree felony in Florida. If charged with this type of crime, you could face up to 5 years in a state prison. You could be charged with this crime even if you didn’t know your license was suspended because you have paid prior suspended license tickets and thought your license was valid again.

Your license is automatically suspended after a DUI

If you were arrested on DUI charges, the state automatically suspends your license on the grounds that you either failed of refused a chemical test to gauge your blood alcohol level.

You have 10 days (from the date of your arrest) to contact the DMV and request a formal review of your license suspension. Legal counsel is not required, but I can help challenge the suspension by building evidence that you didn’t fail or refuse your test.