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The first appearance in front of a judge can often be the most important. While these are considered preliminary hearings in which most criminal cases have a set bond amount, if handled properly, bond hearings can be in important part of preparing for the criminal case and can save an individual a lot of money.

A qualified attorney will always try to argue A lack of probable cause for rest, mitigating factors in/or strong ties to the community in an attempt to get a defendant released on recognizance and or a downward departure from the standard bond.

Imagine a scenario where the defendant has a $50,000 bond. This means not only must the defendant come up with $5,000 dollars for a bondsman but they will also have to provide that bondsman with $45,000 of collateral. A defendant who has $5000 but no collateral or does not have $5000 may be sitting in jail for 21 days or more until their Arraignment. Other complications stem from imposed requirements, including but not limited to: proving that the monies came from a wall for source. This is known as a Nebbia Requirement or Bail Source.

If an attorney can get that $50,000 bond reduced to $25,000 and/or remove any other impediments, this saves the defendant over $2,500, Makes it easier for the defendant to get out faster from a collateral standpoint and otherwise may help avoid other impediments such as an ankle monitor, stay away order, etc.

Many of our less affluent clients take advantage of the opportunity to potentially save money by hiring us for the bond hearing without any commitment to use our firm for the criminal charge. It affords these clients the opportunity for immediate professional attention; the potential to save money and a quick release from jail, if successful. All the while, the family has I just have no time to raise the funds for the defense of the criminal case.

Before hiring an unknown bondsman, paying the standard bond and otherwise being forced to collateralize, it may behooves you to contact us at 305-567-1011.