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Why You Deserve A Second Chance

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Miami Herald ran a news article in 2016 wherein they cited: DUI Arrest

Plummet in Miami Beach (across Miami-Dade County). This is true. I might also agree that Uber and Lyft have assisted making our roads and highways safer. However we are missing the real issues:

1. The Miami Dade Counties Back on Track Program has taken away the incentives Police officer involvement in any DUI arrest.

2. Local Police Department have cut both spending and training on DRE Officers (at the same time medical marijuana has been legalized). My firm has handled at least five “Leaving the Scene of an Accident” arrests wherein the Police Officer shared with me that my client was drunk but their department “frowned on their officers making DUI arrests”.

While I believe in giving people a second chance and have fought for 27 years in to give people that second chase. You cannot tell the public “go ahead and drive even if you’re drunk because there is a program in place…” Also, dealing with the DUI offender is one of the most difficult responsibilities your average Police Officer has. Dealing with drunks on busy/dangerous highways, followed by three hours of paperwork and being forced to go to Court in their free time should be rewarded in the armed services this is called “Hazard Pay”.

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