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Often when in an individual who has been arrested is a college student, many other complication can occur. In the course of 27 years of practice, we have seen countless Administrative Hearings based on the crimes accused are also a violation of the School’s “CODE OF CONDUCT”. We have seen attempts to curtail, restrict, and/or terminate Financial Aid (FAFSA). WE have seen criminal defendants being banned from dorm housing and even private apartments that cater primarily to college students. The handling of a criminal case in college should be handled by a firm with experience in the complexities that occur as a result of the defendant being in college.

Please be advised that most universities do not allow the attendance of a Criminal Defense Attorney at Administrative Hearings. However, our firm has been very successful in matching students/teacher advisors who have helped our clients overcome obstacles based on alleged Code of Conduct violations at universities.

At the Criminal Defense Center, P.A., the following areas we handle:

1. DUI

2. Reopen Cases/ Post Conviction Relief

3. Drug Crimes

4. Habitual Traffic Offenders (H.T.O.)

5. Domestic Violence

6. Juvenile Crimes

7. Defense of College Students

8. Career Consequenses

9. Leaving Scene of Accident

10. Violation of Probation

11. Reckless Driving

12. Immigration

13. Restraining Orders

14. Search Warrants

15. Theft

16. Identity Theft

17. Bond Hearings

18. Administrative Driver’s License Hearing

19. Mortgage Fraud